Racing with Victory Brewing was such an exciting experience for me as a new rider.  I was greatly disappointed to hear that I would not be sharing another year with such great team mates and sponsors.  Although this experience will not continue I will take with me the greatest memories in life thus far.  While riding with Victory I grew a tremendous amount as a cyclist learning from my elders and more experienced riders.  My main job with Victory was to be a domestique and I loved every minute of it but I was also able to learn so much more about my own strengths as a cyclist.  There have been a lot of changes for me for 2007.  First I was given the opportunity to ride with a new trade team Advil/Chapstick to continue my love for competition.  Secondly I finally settled down into an apartment in Asheville, North Carolina and starting working with a company called Asheville Velo Sports doing exercise testing, personal training and coaching.  Other than that I'm a busy body doing everything I can to have fun.  Thanks again to Victory Brewings' wonderful sponsorship.  If it hadn't been for this team I wouldn't of had such a wonderful year racing on the national circuit.